R Series R77 foot-mounted helical gear gearbox


Applicable Industries: Construction works , Energy & Mining
Gearing Arrangement: Helical
Output Torque: 143-690
Input Speed: 2400 rpm
Output Speed: 0.06-671
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Brand Name: DEVO
Product name: DEVO R Series reducer
Housing Material: Cast Iron
Bearing: Stainless Steel
Mounting Position: Foot Motunted
Input Form: Shaft Input
Output Form: Solid Shaft Output
Heat treatment: Carburizing & Quenching
Color: Blue or customization
Certificate: ISO 9001
Warranty: 1 Year
Product Description

Introductions of R Series Helical Gear Reducer

        R series rigid tooth flank helical gear reducers own the characters of small size, large transmission torque, high efficiency of transmission, low energy consumption and superior performance.
Designed and manufactured on the basis of modular porfolio system, this type reducers have abundant combinations with motors, numbers of mounting positions, structures themes and a finer grade of transmission ratio, which meet the requiements of various working conditions and realize mechatronics.

The modular cell structure design being adopted which greatly reduced the classification and inventory of parts and thus the delivery cycle is significantly shortend.

The reducers’ housing, with ribs, are forged of high rigid cast iron. The rigid tooth flank gear adopts high-quality alloy steel, and is hardened with carburizing, quenching treatment and refined by grinding. So it has smooth drive, low noise, large load capacity and long service life.

Structure Drawing of R Series

The housing is made of HT200 material,which is cleaned by professional screening and washing equipment to ensure that the inner cavity of the box body is cleaner without iron filings.


Before spraying each reducer, air tightness test is needed to minimize the occurrence of oil and air leakage. Ensure the durability and good operation of the reducer.

Parameters Table of  R  Series Helical Gear Reducer

Installation chart of R Series Helical Gear Reducer

Mounting Position of R Series Reducer

Profile of Our Company

        Our company is located in the city of Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province of  China. We handle the products of power

transmission, our lines mainly cover series products in speed reducers, gearboxes , associated electricial motors and

other power transmission accessories. Based on the versatile functions, our products can be utilized in many fields:

machines of waste water treatment, dredgers, chemical industry, cranes, metal working mills, conveyors, paper

industry,  cement industry,  cableways and so on.

With the excellent quality and reasonable price , our products enjoy a good reputation from customers and the

peers all over the world. We always innovate for the purpose of better meeting the new demands of our customers and

adapting the new tendency of the industry. Depending on the principles of honestly operating and mutual benefit, We

sincerely look forward to cooperating with you.

Application Field
Packing & Delivery


● Packaging: In order to ensure the integrity of product appearance, we will choose cartons, wooden pallets and wooden pallets according to customer needs.

● Delivery time: Each reducer is manufactured and tested in accordance with strict and fixed procedures to ensure that the quality is correct before leaving the factory and delivery on time.

● Transportation modal: We will choose the most suitable mode of transportation for our customers according to the weight and size of the goods. We can also choose the mode of transportation according to the needs of our customers.

● Receiving and after-sales service: After receiving the goods, please check whether they are in good condition. We will provide customers with perfect after-sales service.